Check-All® Valve Mfg, an American manufacturer of non-return valves since 1958, offers a wide range of models suited to solving operational problems in various industrial sectors, from oil & gas to chemical-pharmaceutical. The huge availability of materials for valve body, spring and seal, combined with a wide range of calibrations, makes this product an extremely versatile and reliable solution.

Some features:

  • engineered for silent operation, Check-All valves close quickly and smoothly to minimize hammer noise;
  • the spring loaded functions equally well in either vertical or horizontal position with proper spring selection. Designed with the spring upstream of the seat, strategically placing it outside any mixing and potentially aggressive solutions;
  • developed to reduce maintenance costs, the Check-All valves design is simple, rugged and efficient. The seating surfaces are parallel to each other, thereby eliminating the excessive wear occurring in plug, cone, and ball seats.

Check-All is certified ISO 9001.